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Smart Brands Lab is exactly that – a laboratory where niche products and brands are born and led to success. We use unique algorithms to make this possible. Then, we sell our products around the world through online marketplaces and e-commerce sites.

Let’s start

from the beginning

We did our research. Found that… to be sturdy, every company must have strong legs to stand on.

So, at Smart Brands Lab we looked at the 3 biggest weaknesses of failing companies and made those our core pillars. 

Smart Brand Lab’s Core Pillars

  1. Product-Market Fit
  2. Operational Execution
  3. Funding

Our Company's

Approach Explained

Pillar 1

Iron Wolf Algorithm ensures product-market fit

Our algorithm scans through massive sets of data to find products/niches that have a high potential for product-market fit. The algorithm scores products/niches based on things like customer demand, market performance and geography, as well as sales channels.

This groundwork ensures we don’t launch half-baked products.

Pillar 2

Replicable workflows fuel operational execution

Our workflows are carefully perfected until they can be repeated successfully. This drives scaling.

This includes

With the help of our Iron Wolf algorithm, our product development team finds, improves, and develops products.

The Victorem lacrosse rebounder is a great example. We fixed issues that other rebounders had and were able to launch a profitable product.

We work with manufacturing partners in Europe, Asia, & Africa to manage logistics, costs, and on-time arrivals.

We use a network of warehousing partners in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, the Netherlands, & Australia. This allows us to keep our products as close as possible to our customers.

Each brand and product we develop receives special attention. From packaging to videos ads, we produce high-quality content ourselves. This allows us to stand out from competitors.

For example, the content created for our Uno Casa Pie Iron has made it one of our best-selling products.

We carefully select sales channels and markets based on data. Then, we optimize the launch of products/brands through the use of tools like PPC and other marketing strategies. This ensures that each product hits the ground running.

Our marketing strategy for the HomeBuddy can crusher was a prime example of this. It brought in high numbers from week one.

Pillar 3

Resourceful Fund Management

We ensure that our brands have and are optimizing capital for expansion.

Between careful inventory management and making sure we have the resources needed to fund growth opportunities, we are able to scale precisely.



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