Reinventing Niche

Brands Globally

At Smart Brands Lab we’re developing an algorithm-driven e-commerce operational platform that launches niche brands globally through online marketplaces and direct-to-consumer channels.

Why so many brands and products

fail shortly
after launching?

1.Lack of Product-Market Fit
2.Operational Execution Failures
3.Run out of funding

The best boat won’t sail long if it’s headed for the rocks and the captain’s not sure how steer his ship.

Solving Non-existant Problems
Lead to Unwanted Outcomes.

The great Swedish warship Vasa carried an unprecedented amount of gunpower and aesthetic excellence – however it sanked in 1628 only after 20 minutes from its first departure.

How we minimize false-start risks

and prepare brands for continuous growth?

Some people call this magic. We call it a systematic approach. We’ve narrowed down product-market fit to a science and developed an operational platform for niche brands that maximizes their potential online.



Step 1.

Product-market fit analysis with Iron Wolf algorithm

Our algorithm consumes hordes of data in customer demand, performance marketing, sales channels and estimates the probability of a product-market fit. It minimizes the probability of launching into the wrong market geography, sales channel or launching a half-baked product.

Step 2.

Develop and scale the business following a replicable workflow system

Our operational platform for niche brands ensures that the brand is on the right track to scale globally

This includes

Iron Wolf identifies potential market gaps in product quality and value offering that our product development team tackles and improves upon in their R&D processes.
We work with a variety of manufacturing partners in Europe, Asia and Africa to deliver inventories on time and optimize their logistics costs.
We operate a network of warehousing partners in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, The Netherlands, Australia which ensure that our nichebrands enjoy being as close to the customer as possible.
We’ve developed and optimized hundreds of different content units for each brand and product that ensures their fit for sales and performance marketing channels. We’ve designed, filmed and shot thousands of them – anything from product packaging to user generated content on social media.
We’re live in a number of sales channels and geographies and continue to expand our reach. Niche brands should be wherever customers might come them across and we’re here to tap into that purchasing experience.

Step 3.

Fuel global growth with smart capital

We ensure that our niche brands are well capitalized and always have the right capital base for growth. We optimize inventory placement and match it with certain funding resources that reduces the risk of missing out on growth opportunities.



Sales channels

and geographies

Expanding the

global network

Shape the future

e-commerce with us